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Tobacco E-Tech prepares for IECIE electronic cigarette show

2018 Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Show,

Mlife Electronics will once again meet with friends from all walks of life in our industry! Thank you all, we work together!

The electronic cigarette industry is fiercely competitive. Counterfeit electronic cigarettes have hit the market. Many electronic cigarette factories have risen dramatically! Brand e-cigarettes to stand live! Support genuine brands to eliminate counterfeit products and safeguard the legitimate interests of the market. It is the goal of our e-cigarette companies to work together.

The Mlife brand takes real power. The so-called real gold is not afraid of fire! First of all, the Mlife brand e-cigarette must be pre-evaluated, and the quality of the e-cigarette after the public measurement and beta testing will be more secure, and the quality of the Mlife product is the precondition for the company to establish the reputation of the Mlife brand. The second is the Mlife brand through the exhibition, good Mlife brand does not care about the sales performance in the show, more emphasis is on this platform for the international, fully demonstrated the quality of our products and brand reputation.

Shenzhen Yanqu Electronics Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. During the past 10 years, we have focused on the R&D and production of Mlife brand e-cigarettes, professional production equipment and testing platforms, and our competent R&D team. Efforts were made to create the Mlife brand, “Pumping Lung Po”, “Men smoke”, “Smoking Fun”, and “peoplesmoker” brand electronic cigarette. It is our product that is regarded as the life of our company. The security of consumers is the burden we bear!


Mlife e-cigarette personality rises, Mlife brand latest release, Mlife-P4-incombustion type flue-cured tobacco. Rapid warm-up (complete within five seconds), motor vibration reminder, insulation 210 seconds, Mlife-P4 can manually stop the insulation.


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