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Pcc cigarette favored,high end Mlife M1 worthy of your intimate little jacket

   People often say that youth is better than blue in blue. Mlife M1 has been hard-working to make it sleek and sleek, with its sleek, lightweight, easy-to-carry and side-by-side clamshell design that make you love.

    With the development of electronic cigarettes, in order to meet the needs of the market, all kinds of electronic cigarettes dazzling, of which the atmosphere was good-looking PCC box cigarettes slowly by the people of all ages. The initial PCC cigarette case just to store disposable electronic cigarettes, from the relatively rough design, and the material is not strong and easy to crack open clamshells clatter too loud. It was quickly replaced by the second-generation cigarette case. Although this brand-effect cigarette case has a temporary boom, it has gradually lost its market advantage because it is too large, heavier than ordinary cigarette cases and inconvenient to carry.

   Aware of the shortcomings of PCC packs. In order to meet the needs of the market, many suppliers are constantly striving to design and develop more popular PCC cigarette case, both compact and lightweight, that is, good-looking but also have the corresponding functions, functional and can meet the user experience requirements. PCC cigarettes soon came out another, from the perspective of appearance, a practical perspective of this cigarette, there is no doubt there have been many improvements. Not only can it charge the battery at any time, but the clamshell design is simple and elegant. However, some charging and interfaces are screwed, which brings inconvenient operation experience to users.

    Failure is the mother of success. Mlife M1 uses a plug-in interface allows you to quickly change the cartridge, the magnet charging mode allows charging more direct, you can always set aside, the experience at your fingertips. Its design not only solved the user inconvenient operating experience, the design breakthrough in the conventional design concept, the appearance of a rich rounded curve of artistic beauty. In the lower left of the front there is a small display, the user at any time to observe the battery. Mlife M1 battery capacity of 1500 mAh Bottom design USB interface, with emergency cell phone charging function, ready to charge the phone to protect your call without any problems.

    At the same time, this sophisticated product, in addition to its improved features and design, is also reflected in its basic parameters: 2.6Ω resistance, 0.7ml fuel injection, 112 * 56 * 16mm compact size, The box also prepared three filled with cigarettes smoke and a complete small smoke, when you do not use the plug back into the cigarette and continue to charge, so that every time you experience is full of power.

    Mlife M1 design is easy to carry, easy to use, no matter new and old users are greatly satisfied with the requirements of their experience, go out, business, tourism, work, shopping can carry.

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